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Tollywood Welcomes Every Industry But Why Telugu Cinema Has No market In Other Industries

Telugu Cinema

In the recent past, Telugu cinema has seen many big hits from other industries like Tamil, Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. Many films from other languages hit the theaters here and make big bucks. But in our cases, it’s completely different. Very few of our movies get a real name in other states.Suriya, Vikram, Vijay, Mohanlal(new) and Recent REMO star Sivakarthikeyan, these are not Telugu Actors They are Tamil Actors Who are Successful and carrying a Good Market In our states.Some Stars like Suriya, Vikram, Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan Films have Equal Craze Like our Top Stars like Ram Charan, Allu Arjun

Why is this happening to Telugu cinema? There are two main reasons:

  • Lack of promotions in other Industries.

  • Regular formula oriented movies.

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Lack of promotions: You see stars from Bollywood and Tamil coming to Hyderabad to promote them. Have you ever seen a Telugu star doing that? This is one the main reason why Telugu cinema doesn’t do well in other places. How would people know that the movie is going to release if there aren’t any promotions?

Regular formula oriented movies: Have you ever seen a commercial or a formula oriented movie from other language getting big bucks. Similarly, if we have the same formula why would people opt to watch our films? This is also a reason for lack of international audience for our films.

There are many other reasons for this issue such as Telugu movies are more concentrating on an individual stream of people and are very much into our nativity. This makes it harder for other people to watch it.

Hope this kind of approach changes shortly. Telugu cinema has the capability of competing with Bollywood when it to box office stamina. Just the approach has to be modified.Our Actors may fail the First time but at least they get an identification and gradually Demand Increases For Them Depending on the Films they’ve Signed.