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The Monotonous Story Format of Typical Telugu Movie | Big Budget Being Wasted ?

Typical telugu Movie

There are only a Handful of Movies Which are completely Out of the Box.The movies which are made on a high scale are simply just another Routine Formulaic films.It doesn’t mean that we are not capable of attempting new concepts, it the matter of reception.Over the Years The Audience has been mold to watch only commercial Cinema.That is why when a Mass Megastar tries a Fantasy His Audience Ignored it.So, Let us Look At the Story Format Of Typical Telugu Movie First

The HERO – Lead Actor

The Hero is a happy person, and a middle-class guy loves to Enjoy His Life has a Few Friends who are only found in movies.The Friends of hero can do anything for him at any time, coming to the parents of the hero it’s a WOW.Mom Encourages the son for Everything while Father is Angry, shameful for having such a son.It is Just the Introduction of the Hero which is common with every mass director.It Depends on the Director and how he want to add emotions between the Family by making some Situations.

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Heroine – The Lead Actress

You could have seen This all the time in all kinds of Movies ( except few ), Heroine is decent and hates ‘Love’.Then Hero Falls For her tries all types of things to impress her and get her into his life.In this process, there could be a song.

Villain – The Antagonist

Till now The story Flows so smooth and here comes a tide, the villain may be in any relation to the Heroin.It may be her father, her brother, her One-Sided Powerful Lover and her Family’s Avenger who wants to kidnap her and take revenge on their Family.
1. If it is her Father or Brother Then Hero does Some Acts to impress them and gain their trust
2. If it is her Powerful One Sided Lover or the Family’s Avenger – He Defeats him and his entire Empire Left Handed.

So For making This Lots and Lots of Money is Lost.Sometimes a Film Like Sardaar Which is a Routine Entertainer with The Same Formula has lost Around 25-30cr.Is Such Huge Budget really Worths The Content?Why aren’t we Trying to Invest That budget in making Different Films Like Science Fiction which is rarely/never Attempted?
Aparichutudu, Robot, 7th Sense, Magadheera, Bahubali and Latest Suriya’s – 24 and Irumugan/Inkokkadu.There are many films, but most of them are from Tamil Itself.

One thing is Clear, and it is how you design your Fanbase if you continuously make Commercial Films then Your Audience will never Encourage Your Creativity, This may work for you now.But We see how people are changing into Hollywood and loving that kind of Work.So, it is just a wish for creativity in our cinema too.We have Talent but need encouragement too.

*This is just the story format of 70% of movies there are a few movies too that were good in the 30%.This is not hurt any individual fan or Person, these are just my views 🙂

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