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Yamudu 3 Review | Fasten Your Seatbelts – A High speed Action Entertainer | Singham 3 Review

Singham 3 Review

Today the much delayed yet super Hyped Action cop movie Yamudu 3 ( Singham 3 in Tamil ) released.Firstly, it is sad that the early morning shows in AP/TG have been canceled due to technical/Financial issues.The Film lost a chunk of its opening there itself.But out of all odds, Yamudu 3 started at 11 am across Ap/Tg with superb talk all over.Yamudu 3  / Singham 3 review and Box Offie Prediction based on the content of the film

Yamudu 3 / Singham 3 Review – A High-speed Action Entertainer 3.25/5


Yamudu 3 first half is largely entertaining and formulaic, but one thing that is felt is missing is the Comedy part which was high in the first two films.The First half is Racy, and the pre-interval portion ( about 40 min ) offers solid action and is the major highlight of the film.The main plot is catching and punishing the criminals who are responsible for the death of a police commissioner.Overall first half is entertaining and only negative is the half backed comedy which irritates at times.

The Second half of Yamudu 3 is the Saving grace for the film, complete action and film sticks to the plot and moves like a bulldozer with no hurdles.In the end, the film leaves you with a good feeling to watch more action films like Singham 3 / Yamudu 3.


1. Surya is phenomenal, his strength, energy levels are too damn high.
2.Shruti Hassan looks beautiful but has nothing to do, except skin show.
3.Anushka’s looks are one of the negative assets to the film, her onscreen pair with Surya is also not convincing.
Rest are adequate, the worst thing is music and BGM.



1. Surya is terrific, at times felt like he is born to play this Role

2. Action Scenes

3. Racy Screenplay


1. Half Backed Comedy

2. BGM is over the top at times, Loud and irritating mostly

3. Songs are the huge drawback, Yamudu and Yamudu 2 had fantastic songs which is missing in the third installment

Finally, The film is Strictly for Action lovers, the film has chances to perform well in B and C centers.



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