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Raees Actual Collections Till Second Monday Crosses Airlift | Raees Second Weekend

Raees second Weekend collections

Raees Second Weekend is not bad, collected close 13 crores in the second weekend.The Film was Strong on Second Monday too, Drops 40% when compared to the second Friday.There Have been a lot of Speculations over inflated collections of both the films, Our numbers are as per the trade there may be 2c+/-.

Raees Second weekend and Second Monday Box Office Table

Day 1 19.75
Day 2 26.00
Day 3 12.75
Day 4 15.00
Day 5 16.75
Day 6 6.50
Day 7 5.75
Day 8 5.20
Day 9 4.50
Day 10 2.75
Day 11 4.00
Day 12

Day 13


2.05(2nd Monday)

India Total 128.75 crore

Raees Total Now Stands at 128.75, Now Raees is the highest grosser of January crossing Airlift(128.5).Producer Figures on Second Friday are 6.6cr which is 4crores higher than the trade and official Raees second weekend numbers still to come.But They are Producer Figures and Nobody after such inflations cares about them except trollers,

Raees is now has a Semi-Hit Tag, to get a hit tag film needs to cross 150cr which looks impossible right now.This Friday a Big Film releases Jolly LLB2, so Raees will loose most of its screens and lifetime is expected to be around 140-145 for Raees.Still a profitable for everyone as it is a Shahrukh Khan film most of the Recovery happens from Overseas and satellite prices.

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Kaabil and Raees Are two Great Films as they are Content Driven films.Interestingly, Both the films are emotional while the latter one has a lot of Entertainment quotient attached to emotion.A clash always benefits the good film of the two, but when two good films fight audience has difficulty in choosing the film.Finally, that is what matters the selection of the public.

Due to this both the films cannot perform well, If Raees and Kaabil Released Individually then they would have done better than what they have collected now, Especially Raees.


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