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Om namo venkatesaya Review | Another Milestone Movie For Nagarjuna | 3.25/5

nag om namo venkatesaya

Verdict : This is an extreme devotional drama by an epic combo of nagarjuna and raghavendra rao.

Story : The movie is a story of a small kid rama(nag) who is going on journey to see the ultimate god. Where he happens to meet a master who gives him the required knowledge to see god. Did rama meet lord venkateswara what happens next forms the rest of the story.

Analysis : Firstly the story of rama is very intrestingly written by the writers of the movie. The director has shown his class and this movie clearly shows why he is said to be the epitome of directors. When it comes to actors lord venkateswara (shaurab) even though there where spectulations about the casting he did his job pretty well. Anushka and pragnya had very limited roles and performed really well in there characters. Rao ramesh had a negative role he played it with real ease. Jagapathi babu, Sampath, Vennela kishore, Bramhanandam, Sai kuamar and every one have done justice to roles.

Now it’s time for the hero, this is what comes with experience no one else would have performed as King nag did this role. Each and every that he is in this role he portrays himself as rama with such ease and grace. This gives us our childhood days back the fab four of tollywood are backin action.

Fisrt half : The first half od the movie is a bit slow and laggy with lengthy songs and very little story this is the only negative of the movie. It ends on a nice interesting note. As mentioned earlier nag shines with his performance and gives his best.

Second half : Second half is quite racy and interesting. The scenes between balaji and nag are quite interesting. The tales that tell how did rama get the name “hathi ram baba” and how did lord venkateswara save him from different problems where very well shot. The climax of the movie is very emotional and sentimental.

Music : Music of the movie is not upto the mark as one would expect in devotional movies.

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Plus point

  1. King Nagarjuna
  2. Saurabh
  3. CG work
  4. Story
  5. Direction

Negative points

  1. First half
  2. Music
  3. Length of the songs

Final verdict : This movie is going to be go to movie for families. This movie would be a nice story teller kind of a movie for the youth.

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