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These Four movies Deserved to be Hits But Failed to make an Impact


This is a 2010 Telugu romantic dramedy film directed by Bhaskar in his third venture after Bommarillu and Parugu.


Set on the backdrop of Australia, the film opens with an angry Ram (Ram Charan), who just broke up with his girlfriend, narrating the story of his love life to a police officer.He has gone through 9 loves in his life, and thinks that love between two people eventually dies out. As a person with strong morals, he is honest and wants to love life and live with open mind, open thought and open action with his lover. Jaanu (Genelia D’Souza) studies in the same college as Ram. He falls in love with her at first sight and goes onto wooing her. She eventually ends up falling for him, but wants him to promise to love her forever. Ram, of course, nonchalantly dismisses this and explains how he cannot love her forever.

how did Ram win the love of Jaanu forms the rest of the story.

Although this movie has a great story line it didn’t reach the audience as it was categorized as over unique and after years passed this is appreciated now.


This is a 2014 Indian Telugu-language psychological thriller film written and directed by Sukumar.


revolves around the search by Gautham (a schizophrenic Indian rock musician missing 25 percent of his brain’s grey matter) for his parents, whom he believes were murdered by three men. Sameera, a journalist, convinces him that he is an orphan and is hallucinating. When Gautham kills one of the “imaginary” men for his psychological satisfaction, he realises that the dead man is real and leaves for London to find his roots and the other two men behind his parents’ death.

This movie was critisized by many people and was categorized under meaningless movie just because the director has written a very tricky screenplay which didn’t get into the audience brain so quickly. Even this movie is appreciated later after its telecast.


This is a 2016 Indian bilingual film directed by Prakash Raj.


The film is set against the backdrop of Rama Navami festival. Bhujanga (Prakash Raj) is a businessman returned from Gulf is highly respected in his home town. Bhujanga has invested in a small commercial property next to his house, which he has let out to the shopkeepers and except one of his shop lies vacant. He is short-tempered and doesn’t want his daughter to study further and wants her to get married. His anger increases when his daughter has been arrested for staging a protest, during the time he meets his friends every evening inside the vacant shop and they bond every night over a few drinks.Bhujanga witnesses a prostitute Susheela (Priyamani) and wants to bond with her, however despite his intentions Bhujanga gets scared fearing that his reputation will be tarnished.He unfortunately gets locked up in that shutter with her.How he fell out from that creepy situation withouth anyone’s notice forms the rest of the story.

Audience are busy with PREMAM in that week and ISM in next week. There was no time to show mercy on Prakash Raj.


This is a 2016 Indian Telugu drama film written and directed by Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, starring Mohanlal, Gautami, Viswant Duddumpudi and Raina Rao.

Plot :

This is the story of 4 lifes.This is a small line which has a great depth which can be understood after finishing this epic.

Late rise of pellichoopulu made audience skip this movie and also the big releases srirasthu shubhamasthu and babu bangaram are made in the same week.