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Kaabil- Old wine in new bottle| kaabil movie review


Verdict – Kaabil is that kind of a movie in which you know whats going to happen but will keep you at the edge of seat right from scene 1.

Story – The movie begins on a lighter note at rohan’s house(hrithik roshan) where rohan is getting ready to meet  supriya (yami gautam) Where he falls in love for her. They get along really well and will get married. Soon after marriage something very terrible happens to supriya. How will rohan seek revenge against all the odds forms the rest of the story line.

Analysis – Even though it was a regular revenge drama but the way it was executed was brilliant. When it comes to performances hrithik and yami were at their best in this movie. If this was there debut movie some would start spreading a rumour that these actors are actually blind. The bad guys both the brother Ronit and Rohit played their part really very well. Music of the movie was really an asset even the rerecording and background score were supporting the scenes really very well. The off screen hero of the movie was the director Sanjay Gupta had such clarity towards every scene and the exact same was replicated on the screen. When it comes to cinematography in one word it was awesome it would leave spell bound what ever the scene might the taking would definitely catch your eye.

Hrithik Roshan – He in this movie will keep you spell bound. Fans would not even care watching others in this movie such was his performance in this movie. Words would fall short for such kind of performances.

Yami gautam – The amount of time of time yami was in movie was very less. Even then you will feel her presence in each and every scene. She performed her role with  such ease and grace. Great job by her!!

Action sequences –  Action sequences they were shot really well. These kind of action sequences are very tricky as they have to show both the emotion and logic. Which was done perfectly in this movie.

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Final verdict – This movie shows even if the content is old no probs if the execution is different people would definitely love the movie.

 Kaabil Review & Rating – 4/5.

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