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Five Telugu Songs that Give You Possitive Vibes Instantly | Songs That Boost Your Mood

Five Telugu Songs

Music plays a Massive role in our lives, Out of everything what we need to remember music takes a bigger Bite of our Brain.Most of them couldn’t even pass their day without their headphones (music ).Most of the Hollywood movies/all of them doesn’t have music like we do.In our indian cinema industry music plays a major role in a movie’s Success.This gave rise to and also life to many talented musicians.Each and every Sub Industry like Bollywood,Tollywood and few other has their own mark in music.So this Topic Raised Top Five Telugu Songs.

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In tollywood there are great music directors and few directors has the power to save a film with their magical music.Can u Imagine a Film Like Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu without It’s Music, or can u imagine a Khaidi150 without its blockbuster music album and just pale movie everywhere with Fights and Dialogues.No right! there are many great icons for music in tollywood.No.1 is obviously AR Rahman,his melodies take us into a ride of love.For Mass mixed with class along with a Bit of Love we have Devi Sri Prasad Popularly Known as DSP.There are many other top music directors and also much new talent is born here too.

Top Five telugu Songs

5. Dont Stop Till You Get Enough – NKP

From the Legendary Nannaku Premato Movie, this song will completely change ur mood to possitive.Music by DSP

4. Chal chalo chalo – S/O Satyamurthy

S/O Satyamurthy is film which tells u about values and morals to keep in mind.Even the Songs in the Film are in that Line too The Song ‘Chal Chalo Chalo Life Se Milo’ is so meaningful and lyrics are the soul for the song.

3. Pakado Pakado – Julayi

Another Trivikram movie’s Album which is ready to make u positive

2. Lite Tesko Bhayya – Mr.Perfect

One thing which is common in all the above four is Devi Sri Prasad i’m not biased towards him but when uncovering the best Possitive Vibe Songs These were the Best and Lite Tesko Bhayya was no Exception to that.Though it happens on a Funny situation Lyrics are pitch perfect for the song to make ur mind possitive.

1. Jeevithamante Poratam – Narasimha

This is one old but is sure to change ur mind ! 😀


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