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Five Telugu Films Which we Loved To Watch in Our Childhood | Only 90’s Kids Remember

Top Five Telugu Films

Now That we are totally grown up and would like to watch only sensible cinema, there was a time where Tollywood made some excellent films.Hit or Flop Doesn’t matter, its the excitement we had when those films aired on TV and we would stick to the tv for three full hours.This post is for only 1990’s kids, as I was one of those 😉 1996 born.So, Let us remember those films once again.Here Is List of Top Five Telugu Films that made our childhood Awesome.

1. Hanuman Junction

Hanuman Junction Released in 2001, stars Jagapathi Babu and Action Star Arjun.Seriously, one of the best buddy-comedy Action Films ever.We are entirely missing this kind of Films nowadays, and we just loved the film for its comedy and bond between key actors.Films right now couldn’t even establish love between the lead couple.The Comedy scenes, especially from Venu Thottempudi, are one of the best in industry.
Give it a watch now if you haven’t till now, Totally worth ur time.

2. Nani

Though Nani was a commercial failure, the film attained a cult status and was loved by one and all.The problem is nobody could understand the theme of the movie as it was an entirely new experience.When we hear about Nani, we only get one thing in mind ‘Pedave Palikina’ song.Even now no song could beat the emotion of the song which clearly shows why AR Rahman is a Gem in Music Directors.Nani is a different world, and as a kid, we all loved the film and wanted to give it a Once More.The more mature we got, the more Flaws we found in the film.

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3. Aparichitudu

Aparichutudu Released in 2005 Unless you live under a Rock, u know about this film.Shankar’s Best Film date, Though it was a psychological Thriller we all loved the Film as a Fantasy more.Ramu, Remo, and Aparichitudu thanks to Vikram for Giving those Characters a Soul.Interestingly, Garuda Puranam which we never heard of in our childhood raised many questions in our mind.In fact, I bought a small Garuda Purana book and started Exploring it.Like Krishh even Aparichithudu was a superhero for us.

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4. Dasavathaaram

We did not know how Hollywood Films looked like until Dasavathaaram Released.Kamal Hassan not only Played Ten Characters but also given each character a special place in our Heart.He played Both Protagonist and antagonist in the Film and many other characters too.But one Character Proved his Proficiency in Acting, Rangaraja Nambi a 12th Century priest, and the Song ‘Rayini matram Kante’.Tsunami is a whole new Experience and also Bio-Bomb.I want to Watch it Badly Even now.

5. Aditya 369

Though the Film Released in 1991 it aired several times on Tv in our childhood and made it one of our favorite.Sri Krishna Devaraya Character Portrayed by Bala Krishna is an intense Lightray for the Film.Probably, The First Science Fiction Film in Tollywood and The best Cinematic Experience Can be offered if it is made with the Technology now.The Screenplay of the film is one of the best ever written and keeps u hooked till the climax.

*these are the best films according to my perspective, if u got any better dont mind to ping me 🙂




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