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Dwaraka Movie Review | Good Script Meets Bad Execution, Could have done Better – 2.5/5

Dwaraka movie review

Final verdict: Good script but the execution is not up to the mark.

Dwaraka Story: Seenu(Vijay) is a thief who thinks only about money. One day, while he is trying to steal an idol from a temple, gets caught. While trying to escape from the people he finds himself on the top of a building.In this process, hero meets heroine vasudha(Pooja Jhaveri) and falls for her. Meanwhile, pridthvi Raj who is an astrologer tells seenu is the representation of Lord Krishna. Seenu takes this opportunity to gallop all the money and leave. Bahubali Prabhakar seeks this opportunity to make money for his business. How hero finds his love forms the rest of the story.

Analysis: Story of Dwaraka is very sensitive and complicated. Screenplay plays a significant part in this movie.

First half: First half of the movie goes with entertainment and comedy mainly making a platform for the story. Comedy in the movie is okay and gives laughs at few parts. First half ends on an interesting note.

Second half: The execution of the second half is not up to the mark. The director tried to incorporate many things in the second half of love story, a message to people. Which makes it a bit clumsy.

Hero Vijay devarakonda after a blockbuster like pellichupulu came back with this kind of different subject. He performed fairly good for his part. The heroine has no big part in this movie. She did a good job for her part. Murali Sharma has an important role in the movie. He is a responsible citizen who reveals the original faces of these fake baba’s. He has done a fairly good job. Prakash has a really small but an important role. The cinematography of the movie was fine, and even songs were nicely shot. Production values were also on par with the movie. Dialogues were okay. Editing should have been crisper.

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Verdict: The story of the movie is very sensitive and complex screenplay should have been more clear. These are the kind of movies that people would love to watch, but the execution is up to the mark.

Pakodi films rating: 2.5/5.