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Bahubali-2 trailer review|#Why did kattappa killed bahubali?

bahubali-2 trailer review

Bahubali-2 the much awaited film has given goosebumps with the release of its first look posters and teasers. Now its time for the ultimate trailer of the movie. Trailer has gone live this morning on a number of theatres and digital media.

The entire trailer shows that bahubali-2 is going to have a huge amount drama inclcuded. As usual the visual effects are as good as it gets. Ramya krishna as siva gami gives you goosebumps just by the trailer shots. Anushka as devasena the entry shot is just awesome. Satyaraj as kattappa has his part of greatness in the trailer. Rana is just perfect as the aged bhallaladeva it just can’t get better then this.

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We need to give a real special mention for prabhas for believing in this dream project. He kept his heart out for this movie you can see that on screen the way he performed was awesome. That one dialogue with kattappa is just so emotional. The war sequences are even more greatly executed then they are in first part, we feel so because there is more emotion bound to it. Special mention for the director this is definetly his movie. Rajamouli has show the class of his through this trailer. The level of clarity which he had through out the movie is just unexplained.

Bahubali-2 is that kind of a movie that you get very rarely to witness. It is going to be a visual treat and very dramatic on its own. Admit it we also want to know “Why the hell did kattappa killed bahubali?” #WKKB. The trailer gave audience no clue why did this happen. We have find that in theatres this april. This is what we felt about the trailer.

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